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Re: Deciding not to breast feed in advancei

Originally Posted by ajane View Post
Honestly, it is our social stigma's that hinders breastfeeding. Our society views womens breasts as a sexual part of the body and that is NOT why women have breasts. Women have breasts to breastfeed babies. If our society actually viewed breasts as the body part and function they are, then we wouldn't have the "ewww, that's gross" or "I don't want my breasts to change b/c of it" or "I feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in public" type of responses. I think it is unbelievable that so many individuals believe that women should not breastfeed in public. To shame a woman and her baby to the bathroom to feed is absolutely appalling.
I think your point about stigma in relationship to bfing is valid...I, personally, think it can work in both directions. If I were to bf in the food court at my local mall, I'd get stares, probably some remarks. But if I were to bottle feed in the food court at the mall in Ithaca (1.5 hrs from me) I get dirty looks for that, too.

But that's beside the point...our society has a complex relationship with breasts and, by extension, breastfeeding. Yes, breasts are intended for feeding; we are, after all, mammals. But we are also thinking, feeling beings. And breasts are sexual. They're an erogenous zone for most women. They're beautiful an sensual whether they have a baby attached or not. And we know that breasts turn many men (and some women ) on...and knowing that you turn someone on is, in turn, a turnon. So there's primary, secondary, and tertiary sexual pleasure that can be attributed to the power of the boob. I get that this saturates our popular culture excessively, but I don't think you can discount that we, as a society, have conflicted thoughts and perceptions about breasts, but that is probably b/c they're dual-use, and occasionally they even have no use at all
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