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Re: Deciding not to breast feed in advancei

Originally Posted by soonerfan View Post
Here's what I've found (and I can look back on myself and include me, too). Moms who are so gung ho and militant and martyrish about breast feeding are probably insecure in other areas or only have a mom identity at that point in their lives. They don't have much else to focus on or champion, so they rub in everyone's faces how fabulous they are for making milk, they have disdain for formula, and they put down those who don't breastfeed because it makes them feel superior.

Sure, breast is best and all that jazz. But formula is a great option, too, and no one needs to beat other moms (even those who *gasp* have a beer or go out with friends) over the head with their milky boobs.
okay that was worth quoting, LOL

yes I see that superior mom thing in many scenarios. Like one mom i know is so gung ho about natural birth that it is annoying to everyone, even other supporters of non-medicated/no-intervention births. But this same mom "tv trains" her kids starting at a couple weeks old. That is what she calls training. the goal is to have them sit still and watch a one hour movie by 12 months old and yes, she verbalizes this as an official goal that they "work" towards. i really find her to be a very insecure person. she is so quick to talk about births and go on and on yet trains her infants to watch long lengths of tv time. her school ager is addicted to video games. anyway, i find that to be true...that holier-than-thou moms are usually very lacking in other areas and trying to prove something in another area
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