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Re: for those w miscarriage after 7 weeks

well you called that one. around 6pm i started having major pains like my ovary exploded, contractions, major clots, major bleeding (and yes too much that i should have gone in) doubled over in pain crying - as bad as transition and i soaked 3 pads in an hr. each contraction @ 2mins apart pushed more blood out. i took 4 doses of herbs and the bleeding is way less but im clueless to why im even bleeding. I thought i passed all of the tissue. it was a perfect balloon shaped thing w nothing missing. perhaps I did too much.
im stuck on the couch and i know if i go in they will intubate to put me out for d &c cause I just ate a couple hrs ago and have been drinking juice. what an ordeal!!!

after 4 hrs of contrx 2-3 minutes part to where i was crying, my crawling to the bathroom, tons of blood later, i passed a huge piece of tissue that looked like chicken skin w a forming placenta. it was the size of my entire uterus and very healthy. (about 5x6 inches) i had been growing everything in me until last night which explains the very + tests and all my symptoms. just the fetus did not grow and was clearly dissinegrating.

ive had no nausea for 2 days. but after last night i also have little energy. bleeding is like a medium period now.

knowing what I do now, I would have never waited this long. i would have started herbs right after the 2nd ultrasound. i ended up delivery parts in me that were of 10 weeks gestation vs 7. and the difference in both miscarriages is a labor vs a heavy period. i feel so sad and angry for those of you who have had this. wow.

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