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Here are the questions. To be entered, you must answer each one.
Question 1:
I'm thinking of adding a thicker braided cotton cord to my teething and nursing necklace styles. However, the cord would be too thick for using with the small detailed beads that set my necklaces apart from others'.
Should I add the new style, or would it detract from my current specialty? I think both would be good because not everyone wants the same thing.

Question 2:
I am planning some new products, like math manipulatives (one example provided below), birthday rings and classic toys like yo-yo's and ball baskets.
What other new item(s) would you like to see Simple Gifts carry in 2013? Details appreciated! Birthday rings sound so cute!!! I can't think of anything at the moment ill keep thinking.

Question 3:
I am planning to have a booth at the local farmers market and already have necklaces stocked at Toasty Baby in Indianapolis. I'd like to add two new storefront locales for my toys and at least one new locale for my necklaces.
Where, in your region, do you shop for wooden toys, cloth diapers, natural products and the like? Is there a local shop you think Simple Gifts would be a good fit for? We have nothing like this where I live. Closest big town is an hour away and all they have is toys r us...

Question 4:
I am "toying" with the idea of adding handmade play dough to my product line. My son helps me make this, we use the more complex and longer lasting version and we would like to donate half of the sales to either the library or child advocacy center. However, I understand many families do make their own play dough, I also haven't decided how it would be stored. So, do you think play dough, made to order, would be a well received product? And should it be sent in plastic bags, plastic containers or something else?
Oh yes...some don't know how to make it and I think if ppl knew your son help and you were donating some it'd sell great. Plastic bags aka ziplocks or plastic containers would be good!

Question 5:
I would like to offer birthday and baby shower gift packs. I anticipate offering a party pack that includes gifts for guests such as Pegcorn People packs or Rhythm Rings (hand kites), a gift for the guest of honor such as a Rainbow Stacker or Nursing Necklace and then a $15 gift certificate for the birthday child or new mom.

Is such a package something you would be interested in? Would you alter the pack in any way? Or perhaps would it be better to offer the items seprately with a discount when ordered as a group?
(ok, I realize that's three questions...sorry, you only get credit for one )
I'd offer a package for just the birthday person too and put in some play dough you make!!!

Question 6:
Regarding online presence..I currently stock on Etsy, have options to order through DiaperSwappers, Hyena Cart and Facebook. I try to offer promotions every other week or so and plan to network with other online handcrafted sites or toy groups for greater visibility.
Would you prefer to see online sales elsewhere? Are there any specific promotions you'd like to see Simple Gifts offer? Suggestions for online presence?
I like it when a person doesn't offer it on just one social site bc not everyone has that site like I don't twitter or Facebook.

Question 7:
I have many ideas that include up-cycling and re-purposing old wooden blocks, old wooden cars and found treasures. Each item would be cleaned thoroughly and never would I use old painted items which might contain lead.
Would you purchase toys that have been given "new life" or would you prefer I stick with all new materials? Finally, if you have any other suggestion you'd like to make that may improve Simple Gifts, please share! Yes I would. They bring back good memories and I'd love to share with my children what I had in my childhood!!!
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