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Re: Question about treating headlice... again!

Originally Posted by Kason's mommy View Post
We went as far as to bomb the house for fleas after I nit picked for hours. They are going ot have to get it under control one way or another. I stayed up until well after midnight picking nits, washing bedding and car seat covers, bagging anything, vacuuming, shampooing, treating the van, and washing clothes. You just gotta do it.
I know right!

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
We used a mix of essential oils put directly into our shampoo. Everyone in the house had to use the shampoo regardless if any lice had been found on your head or not. To get everything washed I had to drag everything to the laundromat. This got to expensive so I had to stop. Aslo the otc stuff peeled the skin off of my daughters head and still didn't rid her of the lice. The shampoo wth essential oils did.
What mixture of oils did you use? Did you use any shampoo as a base?

And I also wonder ... please don't get angry at me, it is just the way I think ... but if you struggle that much to get rid of lice, why not cut everyone's hair short. Shorter hair is very easy to maintain (for lice) and nit picking is almost a 1000x more successful.
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