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Feeling disconnected?

For the past week or so I've just felt off, sort of disconnected from my family and my home. I don't want to clean or cook or do anything. My appetite is less than usual. I cringe when DH is trying to be affectionate. When DD needs to nurse I feel inconvenienced (I know, awful, and totally not the normal me). When she cries my ears actually ring and my eyes ache. DS seems extra clingy but he's just being his usual cuddly self. I feel like someone is always on top of me. I'm thinking ppd, but it seems late for that (4.5 months pp). Everything makes me irritable. I feel like I'm constantly on edge and in a bad mood. What the heck is going on with me? Any thoughts? My insurance right now only covers me for emergency visits because it's out of network and we can't switch plans right now. Otherwise, I would definitely be in to get checked out.
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