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Re: Moms of scheduled newborns

Originally Posted by cdeweese View Post
When used correctly, Babywise does not create a threat. It is the parents who are unbending to the schedule and not paying attention to the parts of the book explaining feeding when hungry, charts showing proper output, etc. It may not be for everyone, but the book in no way says to neglect your baby in any way.
Perfect. Totally agree. I personally counsel families in scheduling within the Babywise idea, I have taken 30 weeks of classes in baby and child rearing from the Ezzos materials and I have 2 close friends who are accredited teachers of the Growing Kids and the Come Along the Infant Way (Babywise) curriculum. Most of my closest friends and acquaintances are within this same camp. We do not ever, patently, never neglect or deprive our children, ever. Not one of our babies has been FTT or even a slow gainer. In fact, most are roly poly. We love and nurture our babies and meet their needs just like every wonderful parent does. We choose to help our babies order their hunger and sleep metabolisms and cycles and learn the skill of falling asleep on their own and happily. Otherwise, we are the same wonderful parents most people are. The Ezzos devote a great portion of Babywise to reading your baby's individual cues and explain in detail how to amend and adapt to your specific baby and their needs. Neglect would occur because of poor decisions on the part of the parents, not because of the teachings of the Ezzos or the books.
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