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Re: Feeling disconnected?

I would go get checked out. Do you have a doctor? First time visits are usually more expensive than follow ups. I'd call around and check for prices on visits. Usually you can get a discount if you see a NP or a PA too.

As far as other ways to boost up your serotonin levels, walking or anykind of exercise, stop feeling guilty about not being monther of the year for this moment, everytime you get frustrated tell yourself 5 things you are doing well as a homemaker/mother. Look at what you are eating, especially since its less. I'd try to cut out artificial ingredients. Drink tons of water. Journaling can be helpful but I would make it a more constructive journal, not just a time to write how crappy of a job you are doing.

When I had ppd I started focusing on making dinners and that helped distract me from feeling crappy and gave me something I was proud of. Zoloft helped too
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