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Re: Feeling disconnected?

Sounds like you need some mommy time to me. I start to feel like what you described when I just need a break! I kind of turn into Zombie Mom (keeping sane/calm on the outside, but totally turned off inside and definitely feeling like there are too many people touching me/wanting things from me) and DH can even see it. One or two little breaks that week really boost my spirit and refocus me. The past 5 years, breaks were few and too far between, but DH is now seeing what a difference regular breaks make for me and has been a lot better about the frequency (like 2 a month!!!). It's wonderul and I come back home refreshed. 1x a month I go out to eat with friends and then we just window shop and chat. Then the other time, I just wander...

Also, working out helps a TON! I workout 5-6x a week and it just boosts my spirit as well as my energy. I can also tell a big difference with my frustration level when I work out (it seems to dissolve). I have 9 workout dvds and just rotate. Some are dance ones and some are toning ones. I either workout during nap times or in the evening after the kids go to bed (though here lately, I'm able to get it in when Baby Girl/1 yr old is napping and the older boys-2,4,and5 are playing with each other or at the table with playdough).

Good luck Mama!
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