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Wow. Dd was up at 5am with a bad dream (I assume since she was so upset and kept saying 'scared!'). We are now sitting under blankets on the couch, eating Cheerios and watching Winnie the Pooh on Disney channel to say quiet. Snuggling in my bed, rocking in her room, walking around, and reading books wasn't doing it. Not to mention, our heater shut off last night and we were FREEZING. When we finally got it back on it was 51 in the house. It's warm now....thank goodness.

Dh just left for duty. He'll be back tomorrow morning. Today is supposed to be 'Mom Rules!' day per the kids. We're going swimming (indoor), making homemade pizza croissants for dinner, renting a movie, and camping out in the living room. And I'm sure filling the rest of the day with chaotic fun and nonsense. The only thing I must get done is the laundry. The pile is shameful....I've been extremely busy the last four days. Oh well.
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