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Re: Spam me: Things you can't believe haven't sold!

Originally Posted by Belbaby3728 View Post
I have been looking for another pair of longies but just can't find a pair that says omg buy me for less than 50 dollars. Cost isn't an issue, but dd has been at 7-8 inch inseam for 5ish months and I just know there is a growth spurt coming but don't know if it's going to be tomorrow or 2 months from now! And don't want to buy a 60 dollar pair and have her outgrow them in less than a month. Plus spring is coming and we won't need longies so much and have to find some shorties and skirties then! Until then we settle for our favorite longies

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This is why I started making my son's longies a few inches long with button holes in the cuff. Then I just add buttons where I want them. I think all the ones I have made this way will also fit next winter.
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