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Car Seat!

Hi everyone!

I am currently reading through the forums, but I figured I would post my situation as well and see what help I get.

Here it goes..

We have a 4.5 yr old (40 in.tall, 35lbs) and a 1.5 yr old (31 in tall 34 lbs) Yes, I know, 2 lb difference LOL.

They are currently in a Britax Frontier and a RF Britax Marathon in our 4runner.

My mom has the baby all day and picks my other son up from school daily, so her car needs seats as well. She has a nautilus for older ds and a safety first for the baby but she HATES the way it buckles, etc, and is NOT car seat savvy, so I NEED to get a seat for the baby that is idiot-proof to ensure he is buckled correctly. She always comments on how easy I get him into our car, so obvious choice might be a Britax..

AND last night we bought a Prius for me. Heres the dilemma. What do we do now? My husband and I never know for sure who is grabbing the kids from my mom because I am a doula/student midwife and I come and go, so really switching car seats between mine/mom/hubby's cars isnt practical at 3 am, etc.

Right now its obvious we need 3 seats.

1 for 4.5 yr old (my car)
2 for 1.5 yr old (my car plus moms)

Now...what to get?!

I have been looking at the recaro euro..any recs? Obviously a prius is a bit small, so Ill take any recommendations. THANKS!!
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