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In case anyone wants to diagnose my mental state:
We've cleaned out every closet. Donated 4 huge bins of clothing. Cleaned out storage. Loser on balcony and threw away 4 trash bags full of who knows what. Cleaned out kitchen cupboards and reorganized all beans and grains into new storage containers. Cataloged all nb clothes/diapers and donated three full trash bags of those. Purged other cloth diapers and gave a huge trash bag to a newlywed friend.

All that with 7 people in a 1300 square foot apartment.

Even still, my major nesting is with finances and lists of things to do. I've budgeted out finances to the dime until April. I've also made about ten different lists of things to do, buy, buy used, reorganize, cook before baby comes.

I'd say I'm nesting a little.
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