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Originally Posted by juniperhill View Post
No VBAC here, but I think with most practitioners the position of the twins is a consideration for birth options. I had an OB. He would have let me do a vaginal birth if the presenting twin was head down, but he stayed transverse- blocking the way out- despite acupuncture and inversions- and I had my first csection. I dont think even midwives will attempt a vaginal twin birth if the presenting twin is transverse- does anyone know? I guess you don't know how they are settling in there until pretty late in pregnancy though and even late in pregnancy they can turn. I hope you can find a practitioner who will support you. I asked around town for a recommendation for the OB with the most openness towards natural births to find my OB. I had midwives with my first two but wanted an OB for twins.
DD2 was transverse until 5 days below I delivered. I don't think most docs will attempt a transverse baby vaginal at all. If DD hadn't turned I would have had a c-section.
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