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Re: My mirena story *possible trigger*

I considered getting Mirena after the birth of our caboose baby dd. We were definitely "done", but don't believe in permanent bc.

On the surface, it made sense. I was looking for something that would work from now until menopause (probably with one replacement), there wouldn't be any regular doctor visits or ongoing bc expenses, and I was changing insurance, meaning if I did the Mirena then, it would have been free. It seemed really silly to deny all that thriftiness and convenience.

Then the OB explained how it could be very uncomfortable/painful upon insertion, and possibly painful/cramping for some time afterward. Umm, I just had a baby, so I wasn't interested in any more of that kind of pain, thanks. Then I read about the possibility it could perforate, lodge somewhere else in my body, etc., and I decided I just couldn't do it.

So, I went back to Depo injections, which worked great for me between all my dc with no side effects (except no df, yea!) Yes, I have to go in to the clinic once every 3 months for my injection, and it costs me $25 each time for the meds, but I am so much more comfortable with this decision. Your story was a huge validation.

So sorry for your ordeal, but know that your sharing it here will help so many of us in our bc decisions.
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