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My ex in high school was 18 when he had to have surgery because he WASN'T circumcised. He didn't have infections, but he did have health problems because if it .

Also, every guy in my high school that wasn't circumcised was made fun of till no end and given nicknames like "slug". It was horrible for them. And that wasn't 30+ years ago, that was just 4. Oh, and they've carried those nicknames with them ever since.

I heard my son get circumcised and he was fine. There was no crying (not because of shock, but because he slept through it).

I can count on one hand the people I know that aren't circumcised and they are practically shunned for it. Circumcision is extremely common here, like 80% - 90%

And for what it's worth, sex with my husband is 100 times better than sex with someone uncircumcised. It was like a gross shell with my ex. No thanks!

Just my opinion, to each their own.

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