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Re: Another newborn sleep thread

Happiest baby on the block.. get it on netflix if you can.

We did restart swaddling, but we also did the other things they insisted should help in the video. White noise/shushing, this rocking/jostling thing that sorta jiggles them that it supposed to be similar to 'in utero'......

even when she was much much older, if I needed to rock her, I'd make sure her head was doing the jostling thing and it seemed to help.

sometimes when she was really overtired, she'd really really resist swaddling and we'd swaddle her up, shush and jostle and she'd succumb. and then she slept better and longer than she had before.

we started out saying she hated being swaddled and ended up swaddling to 9 months.. I really do think it helps.
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