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Wearing wool 24/7?

My youngest ds wears econobum covers over an osocozy prefold at home and BGE on the go. At night he wears a happy hempy fitted diaper stuffed with the hemp stuffins covered with wool longies (knit) and just wears a white hanes tshirt with it. I LOVE the wool longies/shorties. Right now he just has a pair of longies and a pair of shorties that I alternate between washes. My question is how do you wear wool during the day? Is that something I would do just at home? Can I buy them in solid colors? His are multi-colored now. How many more pairs would I need to buy? Also what is a good fitted for a heavy wetter during the day and a decent price? I'm thinking about getting away from the prefolds because no one else but me knows how to put them on even though I've showed DH a billion times and I prefer snaps instead of aplix. Thanks

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