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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by august6 View Post
Rare, but possible, as in our case. That is why I feel like there should be some input here from a circ'd child's mom's side who isn't completely for or against.

I am aware that this thread is for the reasons to not do it, but so far all the women that have gone against the grain have been cast out (not that they didn't deserve it, some were overly dramatic). But, again, it's important to see both sides so all mom's don't feel like their being shamed or bad parents because they did do it or decide to do it.

Some were ignorant to the knowledge, but I wasn't, and I still did it because it was medically necessary. However, I'm not going to make any woman feel like it makes them a bad person for doing it either, because I know how easy it was for my son to go through. Plus, it's virtually impossible for anyone on this thread to speak on behalf of all babies and say that it's an awful experience that is incredibly painful and practically mutalation when they haven't witnessed a fraction of the procedures that have been performed. I'm sure it does hurt if not done by someone who truly knows what their doing, but my son had a great experience considering he was "consenting".
I can understand a medical reason. I didn't read all the posts so I have no idea if you mentioned anything about what happened with your son... Nor do I expect you to. I will say that many reasons cited as medical reasons for circumcision are not legitimate, such as phimosis and hypospadias. Also, many problems that people believe are associated with being intact are not associated with being intact, but are caused by improper care of the infant's penis, such as forced retraction.

I also do not believe that the very slim chance of a male needing to be circumcised due to medical necessity justifies routine infant circumcision.

ETA: Pain of the surgery is not my only issue with it, though it is a major issue. My issue is with cosmetic surgery being forced upon someone who cannot consent, and the potential consequences that can result such as infection, skin bridges, necrosis, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, desensitization, and even death.

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