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Originally Posted by august6 View Post
Well that seems completely different than what my son went through. He wasn't injected in his penis, almost abdomen (not waking up because the needles were so little), and was numbed for 30 minutes before they even began. He slept through the entire thing, even my husband holding his hand. It was literally like he had no idea. After that, I changed him with no problems. He never cried during changes or flinched for that matter. I would recommend any parent seek out a specialist besides having the closet doc around. I couldn't have asked for a better, unplanned, circ for my son.

And yes, that would be very hypocritical of you. I would also speak up if I saw someone being misinformed. I never said that it doesn't hurt any baby. I simply stated my son slept through it and then was accused of falsifying, exaggerating, and not knowing what I was talking about. Most mom's don't know the facts, so this thread is AWESOME for them, but it's not horrible to toss in a story every once in awhile of someone who had a good experience.
Sooo honest question here....
If foreskin is so gross and sex with an intact man was bad why did you decide to leave you son intact, even though it didn't work out in the end?

I'm mobile.... sorry for the typos!
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