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Originally Posted by august6 View Post
But I do. He was asleep when they numbed him. They let it numb for 30 minutes before starting, then they did what they did, and he continuted to sleep. He was a happy baby when he woke up. Diaper changes were fine.

I don't know why you want to think my son was in so much pain when he clearly wasn't. It's like you want to think it was a god awful experience for him, that it has destroyed him or something. If he was, why didn't he cry when I changed him, why didn't he cry when he peed, why didn't he do anything but sit there and be a happy little newborn when he woke up. Was he still in shock for the next week? No, because he wasn't in shock at all. . . because I paid a crap load of money for a Dr. that was a complete genius to save my son's life and keep him as happy as possible.

I know my son handled it well, and that's all there is to it. You can imagine whatever you want to, you can tell me that I don't know my child, that I didn't have a great Dr., that my husband didn't witness what he saw, but I know differently. I'm am SO glad that you are this passionate about this stuff, truly, but please, keep in mind that if you weren't there, your input is pretty much inapplicable. You can think I'm exaggerating, lying, or trying to get everyone to chop off their kids penises, but I'm not. I'm just trying to make some mom's feel better on a thread that seems so . . . damn them all.

Like you said, this thread has come too far to be shut down over something so petty like pretending to know my child better than me. Have a great night and please keep spreading the word about circs, just try not to be so one sided since you have experienced both sides.

I will not be responding anymore now that everyone knows my side -the truth, no matter how rare and impossible.
If you can in here to talk about your sons experience why was your first post in this thread about gross foreskins and how geeat sex is sith your circed husband?

Seriously neither of those things had to do with you sons unplanned circ or how well he handled it.....

I'm mobile.... sorry for the typos!
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