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Originally Posted by august6 View Post
Lmao, I never made this a debate. I stated my experience and opinon like everyone else, and it was turned into a debate. You feel like I came in with guns blaring, but I apologized immediately for incorrectly stating what I meant. I'm sorry you didn't catch that or the one where I said children are perfect or that all foreskins are not gross. I'm sorry you didn't read where I said I didn't want to have to do this for my son, but I did out of medical necessity. I'm sorry that you feel so threatened you have to push me away so I don't taint anyone elses mind with possibilities that no matter how much you prepare not to, you may have to circumsize your child. Forgive me?
I don't feel threatened at all. I read you first post before you edited it.... I just felt it was so beyond ignorant I decided not to comment. Then when your story changed to your sons unplanned circ I decided to call you out.

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