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Re: Wearing wool 24/7?

I'm so glad you asked this! I was JUST thinking this as I put DD down for bed! I'm so frustrated with my BG AIOs these days. They NEVER leaked (we bought them brand new), and now after only a year, the elastic seems loose, and they leak all the time. I'm just ready to sell them all and do fitteds and wool full-time... maybe a few PUL covers too.

My favorite fitted is Thirsties Fab Fitted because they're soft, stay-dry, and absorbent (I also add a Thirsties hemp insert for nights), but I've only tried a handful (Bella Bottoms, MEOS, Kissaluvs, and Sandy's). Sandy's are my other favorites, and we use those mainly during the day with just a Bummis pull-on (just around the house... they don't do well under clothes). We ECs, so the combo of Sandy's and Bummis is just perfect.

My DD's favorite wool cover is a Hessnatur Organic Virgin Wool Diaper Cover/Pull-on. If I give her the choice, that's what she wants. But they are SUPER thin, and you need to have a good fitted. Old fitteds will just make them leak. LOL.

Hmm... for woolies, I have three pairs of shorties/capris (just received my 4th in the mail today! And will receive a 5th soon...) and six pairs of longies. Two of those I use strictly for nights though because they have elastic waist instead of drawstring, so I feel like they're more comfortable for her to sleep on her stomach. I feel like that's plenty for us. I will probably have to stop myself from buying more shorties for the summer... *sigh*

But I'm also confused as to how people get pants *over* their wool covers. Are these just like very thin covers? Which brands/types are people using? My DD wears leggings when she's not in wool because she's SO long and skinny and no other pants fit her. There is no way i could get leggings over wool covers I don't think... LOL.
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