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Re: Am I terrible because...

Originally Posted by august6 View Post
I was in labor for 45 with nothing but petocin. It was horrible. I was shaking so bad from the pain they had to hold me down to give me an epi. I swear, that relief, was like a Godsend.

I could have done natural, but why? I remember everything about labor, I could finally focus on pushing, and I wasn't crying from the pain. I got to have a calm birth that I can only pray for again.

When I first met my OB he made sure I knew that there were absolutely no effects on the baby, that it didn't make me a stronger woman for going natural, and that I was crazy if I wanted to do natural just for the chance to say I did.

I felt no shame and my son's birth was just as beautiful as anyone who delivered naturally. Go with the flow, if you don't need it, that's a cheaper bill. If you do, live it up!

Wait! Hold the phone.

So, not only did you have this amazing specialists from 2 states away that was able to perform this unheard of, $4K life saving and completely painless circumcision that your son was able to sleep through entirely......

but you also had an OBGYN that was able to defy all medical facts and guarantee you a risk free epidural!? Dang. No wonder you drove 5hrs for his care. An OBGYN and a medical risk defying anesthesiologist all in one!
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