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Originally Posted by Ms.Kaun
Thank you for posting. I always feel like such a freak or a downer when anytime I see a mama on here asking about it that I tell them DON'T DO IT! Honestly it feels like a mission for me to warn women not to get one. I have had secondary infertility and had 3 m/c I believe because of the IUD. Mine also got lost before removal, it took them a month, several appointments and an ultrasound to find it. I got lucky though that they found my IUD on the ultrasound and I was able to skip the surgery. That being said it got lost and implanted itself elsewhere. Oh and hurt like heck for them to retrieve but no surgery thank god.

I didn't get a period back for over a year. I only ovulated twice in one year and had numerous heartbreak over losing children because with every ovulation that happened I did become pregnant. They tested me a bit and they even tried to jump start my cycles again with medication and it didn't work.

Before the IUD I was so fertile I had become pregnant while taking the pill TWICE and I was using it properly. Many things in my life had changed health wise since the IUD. I can't prove or pinpoint anything for sure but I am hearing more and more horror stories of health problems and issues after the mirena.

Oh I wanted to add... I eventually was able to conceive after 2 years. I hope my body is normal again after the baby is born but we will see.
It always makes me sad when I can't convince someone not to get one. But when I can convince them I feel a kind of triumph at saving them from the pain I was in.
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