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Re: Am I terrible because...

Originally Posted by august6 View Post
No. My OB and specialist were two different people. But thanks for stalking me out. You're cool like that aren't you.
I never assumed the specialist who did your sons unheard of circumcision was also your risk defying OB that guaranteed you a risk free epidural. I said your OB that you drove 5hrs to see must have also been an anesthesiologist being as OB's don't do epidurals.

Oh, and I frequent the pregnancy board, hence the majority of my posts and my response to this thread when it was first started. I like to follow threads that I've replied to. So, no stalking necessary. I'm just mighty impressed by all these super docs and all their amazing procedures you have access to.. that's all! A risk free epidural done by an OBGYN... something trained anesthesiologists can't even guarantee. And then the unheard of, completely painless circumcision procedure where your son was injected into his abdominal/hip/pelvic area to feel no sensation and was able to sleep peacefully through the entire thing and not suffer any discomfort afterwards. Who WOULDN'T be impressed!?
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