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Re: CD wash routine?

You can always try using whatever detergent you have on hand already. If it ends up not working out for you, you can always switch detergents. A lot of mammas on here use Tide and have had great luck with it! Avoid fabric softeners, though I'm sure there is some cloth diaper safe fabric softener out there.

My wash routine: warm rinse with just a litte bit of detergent, Hot wash cycle with detergent(includes a cold rinse in there), another cold rinse. Once a month or so I add 1/4 cup of bleach to my load and when I do that I add a full extra wash cycle just to make sure I rinse them out well. I have a non-HE top loader. I wash diapers every other day, but sometimes I go 3 days between diaper laundry. My stash is varied with pockets, flats, prefolds, microfiber, and a few fitteds in there. If you're looking for super easy to get clean, I would go with flats. They wash so easily and dry very quickly.
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