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Re: CD wash routine?

I'm using bumgenius pockets.
I have a pul bag hanging next to changing table. The pee diapers go directly in to the bag. I remove the inserts before I put them in. Same with cloth wipes. If its a poo diaper I put it in a little plastic container I have next to the table, and after changing the baby I bring the container to the bathroom and use the diaper sprayer to remove the poop, then put it in the pul bag as well.
Every three days I just empty the pul bag in the washer, and throw the bag in as well.
After reading a lot of different reviews about wash detergent, diaper friendly etc I decided to just use our reg detergent which is tide. I have never had any problems with stink or build ups or anything.
I wash on hot with cold rinse, with a cold prewash (no detergent for the prewash), and add an extra rinse plus I have a heavy soiled button that I press too. That's it!
I tumble the inserts and hang the covers. Ikea has a nifty little hanger, looks like an octopus with arms that has clothespins attached. Very handy for drying the pockets.
It's super easy!
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