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OBV Scraps and Yardage (ALL SOLD, thank you!)

Lots of obv scraps and pieces! PP only please, prices include shipping (please remember that much of the total cost is shipping cost, as obv is heavy). All measurements are approximate.

All dye work was done by me, using Dharma's fiber reactive dyes. Coming from a smoke-free, puppy-friendly home.

First several listings are lwi-dyed OBV seconds. The actual obv is of seconds quality. It pilled up when I dyed it. I made a blanket of this pilly fabric for my son, and this was my experience: Super pilly upon first washing. I de-pilled it. Each time I washed it, it pilled up again, but less so. Over time, the pilliness after washing stopped. It's still soft and squishy; just mind the pillies!

Lavendar/pink lwi-dyed, pilly as described above. 1 irregular piece... main piece is 29x30 with a longer attached piece 13x32.
$10ppd SOLD

Girly Rainbow lwi-dyed, pilly as described above. 2 pieces, sized 51x60 each.
$15ppd per piece Both SOLD

Fuchsia lwi-dyed, pilly as described above. 2 pieces, sized 50x60 each.
$15ppd per piece BOTH SOLD

Undyed, unwashed. This has not yet pilled as it hasn't yet been washed, but it was cut from the same lot as the pilly obv above. 2 pieces, sized 51x60 each.
$12ppd per piece BOTH SOLD

And now for the non-pilly scraps (hooray!) This is a lot of undyed, randomly sized obv scraps. Most are long and skinny (ranging from 5-7in. wide x 19-54in. long), some are rectangular-ish (averaging about 9x11), and some are irregularly cut. There are about 16 pieces. I could probably fit them into a medium frb. Great cuts for wipes!
$22ppd SOLD
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