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Originally Posted by daniele_ut
I had a few Grovia AIOs when we first started CDs. I couldn't get used to the side snapping, they didn't seem absorbent enough for us and they took forever to dry. On the plus side, they were super cute. I sold them after a few weeks, though. I have 10 BG Freetimes, though, and I really love them. They fit well, wash well for us, are very absorbent and they dry fast.
We love bg free times very absorbent - they are not the trimmest & not the bulkiest either
We like our grovia aio but dd can flood through them in 45-to 1 hr. they are very trim though. They are fully prepped. We already have them on the largest setting too and dd is 7 months & 19lbs
The free times we have on the middle setting.

My vote is freetimes
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