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Re: What else do you have to do?

At 32 weeks now and still have a *lot* of preparation ahead of me. Thanks to your lists there's even more than I realized... This is our first baby so I don't realize what I'm in for yet!

I've finally put together registries with a lot of the essentials (stroller, crib sheets, diapers, changing pads) and I hope to get them at my baby shower in a couple of weeks! I have literally no nursing gear yet - but my husband and I bought and assembled a crib and have moved around a lot of furniture to accommodate guests that come to visit - my mom and my husband's mom will be coming to stay with us in shifts to help keep the newborn situation under control!

Getting our hand-me-down carseat installed is going to be the next task - my husband learned today at a "daddy boot camp" session that after you install it, you can drive down to the local fire station to get your setup inspected!

So... to make everything more manageable I guess I should make a list eh?
-- have our weekend "crash course" in prepared childbirth (two weekends away)
-- install carseat (and make sure it's kosher with the local fire dpt!)
-- come up with a birth plan
-- come up with a hospital bag list
-- build up the cloth diaper stash!
-- wash all diapers, baby clothes, sheets, etc. in baby-safe detergent
-- figure out what all I need for nursing (plan to EBF)
-- figure out some type of canopy curtain system for over the crib (sharing a room w/baby)
-- pick up a cube-organizer for storage of baby items (very limited on space, 2br apt!)
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