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Re: How are you sleeping?

I'm getting some of the best sleep I've had in a long time. The 1 year old is now sleeping crazy awesome going on a month after being sick. She goes to sleep around 9:30, and is sleeping in 'til 11:30!!! Sleeping through the night for that long plus a nap, I feel like I have it too good and I know it's about to come crashing down in a few months.

As far as my actual sleep, eh. I've got a big ole pregnancy pillow and double that up between my knees as I try to stay comfortable in one position for as long as possible. Not so bad, but getting up to pee kinda sucks. My last pregnancy included horrible carpal tunnel syndrome, so I'm thrilled that my hands aren't throbbing all night So all-in-all I really can't complain.
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