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Re: Have you gotten rid of too much?

I started this thread a while ago and it looks like it's doing good hehe. While I've gotten rid of things by the truckload I've noticed some missing things now and again. I'm a really organized person, so I know exactly where everything is, even when we have a ton of stuff. DH asked for baby oil for a strained muscle injury, and that's something we pretty much never use. Well I went to the cabinet and couldn't find it. Must have been something I tossed because there isn't anywhere else it would be. Every once in a while I come across something like that where it would have been nice to have it when we needed it.

And I still get a little flustered about using nice things for projects for the kiddo. I'm used to having lots of spare sheets or whatever, so I wouldn't mind cutting holes in. But I'm down to just one spare set in each size.
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