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Just make sure when you are brushing her teeth, you are getting all surfaces of the teeth. front, back and on chewing surfaces. Any floss pics will work. I would brush 2x a day. And if she is brushing her teeth, make sure you brush them afterwards for her. Kids don't have the proper technique to brush their teeth until they can write in cursive really well.

Any sugary stuff limit them. If she is having juice maybe water down if you already haven't. Limit the amount of time she is sipping on juice or any sugary drinks. Every sip is an acid attack on the teeth and takes 20 mins to return to a normal pH. So if having sugary drink, after 20 mins if not finished take it away.

Like others said, some people are more prone to having cavities. Just make sure you go in routinely to have them checked so that you can stop any early cavities if there is any, or to prevent any from getting bigger. Hope that helps!

Eta: if she can swish without swallowing, get some ACT fluoride rinse. If she can chew gum without swallowing, try some gum with xylitol (make sure xylitol is the first ingredient to be effective). You can usually find it in ice breaker cube gum and also in your local health foods store carries some.

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