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Re: How big of a family

Originally Posted by KandFsMomma View Post
It's so hard to decide what to do. DH and I always said 2 babes. We don't want to ad to overpopulation, we figure we are leaving 2 people when we die etc etc.
It sure is nice to have as many hands as children, and to not be outnumbered.

We have 2 children, a daughter and a son, perfect!

But now that DS is getting close to 2 years old, I want another baby! And I absolutely love being pregnant.

We haven't ruled it out completely, but it really goes against what we thought was right for us. I think what it will come down to will be finances...

Wow, that wasn't helpful! Sorry, but thanks for letting me vent!
Saw this really cool post about the myth of overpopulation:
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