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Re: Can I join you here in August?

Originally Posted by MarchMama2010 View Post
Hi, welcome!

Great name, I love it! Is the gender "guess" from an ultrasound? I guess it must be, but it seems crazy that you're only a couple weeks ahead of me (I'm due the 17th) and you are already pretty sure of the gender.

How did you whip your lotion? That sounds like a good idea.
My perinatologist told me the guess, so I think it is accurate. He is head of perinatology in at least 2 hospitals and often has VERY long waits to get to see him. He told me at 30w 6d that my son born at 38 weeks (planned c-section) would be 8 lbs at birth. He was 8 lbs 1 oz. It was then I realized how smart he is!

My OB has a long letter that he (peri) wrote her. I talked to my OB because I accidentally scared her (happens more often then I like to admit to people) and she told me that I should have a copy of it. I can't wait to see it. I see her for the first time on the 12... I thought my peri was going to deliver me so I didn't schedule with her till late.

Originally Posted by lalakiwi7 View Post
oye and all you with the early bird babies!! I wouldn't want one too early but my DD was two days shy of 42 weeks and they had to pull her out. Literally. (forceps not what I had planned ugh but the doc who did it known for his forceps skills and she is perfect so whatever gets the job done right?!!!)
Sorry, I had my triplets via classical c-section (vertical cut). My son was born the same way because they thought he was transverse. Because of that I am not allowed to go into labor. So this is typical for me to not go past 38 weeks really.
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