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Re: I'm ready to wean

I weaned my DS cold turkey a few weeks before he turned 2. He was like your son and very much attached (I am also experiencing this with my 20 mo DD right now) and woke up often at night while co-sleeping. I wanted to offer and let you know that it might be easier than you think. I wanted it to be gentle but I needed to stop due to my own illness (shingles - yikes!) and needing medication that wasn't safe while breastfeeding. To be honest though, I was relieved to end our nursing relationship because it had become very difficult for me. Night weaning is really difficult while co-sleeping IME. Anyway, he did so great! He cried for a short while at bedtime (maybe 10 minutes) the first night and then after that it got easier by the day. I was really surprised. I think in the end he was just ready to wean. It was very much just a habit and not a necessity for him at that point. I did miss being able to comfort him with nursing but there are so many other ways to comfort your baby and meet his emotional needs! I find that with my DD now, the more time I spend giving her my full attention and giving her the love and support she needs throughout the day (and not being distracted by other things) the less she asks to nurse. Night time is another story but in general I think that will help ease our transition when the time comes, and that will most likely be in a few months. Good luck to you!

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