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Need help. NICU term baby, EPing right now

I gave birth on Wed, at 2:35am. Within minutes I knew that he was not doing well. He had problems breathing and his cry was weak (he was 37w5d). I thought at first it was something I did or what I did during birth. I am on a narcotic for kidney pain (which I am weaning from now) and I thought that might have suppressed his breathing. It was not the cause. Then I thought it was because I had an Epi & Pitocin. The doctors have said that wasn't it either. He just had tons of gunk in his lungs that was not amniotic fluid. They thought at first he might have been starting up Pneumonia but he showed no signs of it. They also thought it was due to his murmur (he had the thing where the flap did not close in his heart when he started to breathe. That wasn't it either.

So because of ALL of this, he is in the NICU with no clear D/C date. It also meant that he has been completely unable to nurse. I have tried several times but he was so sick that he was not eating at all (IV feeds). He is better now, but still have unknown de-sats.

So I am pumping. I do have a basic knowledge about pumping but I was hoping to get some info I may not have.

I am trying to pump 8-10 times a day.
I am trying to pump every 2-3 hours.
I do have a hospital grade pump (medela symphony).
I have broughy baby to breast to help stimulate along with having him nurse.
I am keeping extreme details of my pumping schedule (date,time, amount each breast, total, running total)
I started out getting nothing but I am at 50-80ml on the left each session and 50-70 on the right (my right will never produce as much as my left).

I honestly do not know if I am doing enough. I will be EPing until DS2 gets out of the hospital and then might have to do some until he is completely on the breast.
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