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Re: Did you just KNOW the sex of your baby?

I knew both times, even before I got pregnant. My first which ended in a m/c I felt was a boy and it just felt wrong, weird cos I always "knew" my first would be a girl. and then I lost him. I knew as soon as I was pregnant again that it was a girl. No doubt in my mind. Sure enough, it was. And before I got pregnant with this one I had this very strong feeling that I'd get pregnant again sooner than I though (we used fertility treatments for my daughter) and have a boy. I knew when I found out I was pregnant it was a boy and even bought some boy clothes. It's been confirmed by 3 ultrasound by 3 different technitions that it's a boy. One even said, "Very definitely a boy" and we have crotch shots where you can see as clear as day. I would though like to have a pregnancy where I didn't have such a strong feeling and then I wouldn't confirm by ultrasound and would let it all be a surprise. We find out because I'm so sure I don't want to be disappointed at the birth.
I will say though I get feelings about lot of things, not just babies and am usually right about others pregnancies if I get a feeling (I don't always get it). Like I had a feeling that there was something wrong with this baby, I was thinking cleft lip, the baby has a cleft palate.

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