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Re: I need project idea for 100th day of school

I don't do my kid's work for them, no matter if it's for the 15 year old, 10 year old, or 5 year old. However the instructions specifically state "Help your child to make a poster or display with 100 objects on it". I was looking for ideas to discuss with him, something better than the beans and candies. I figure I'll have to help him narrow something down and with placement. My son is perfectly capable of creating "Wow!" things on his own, thankyouverymuch, but will need some direction to get him going.

Originally Posted by lanwenyi View Post
Whatever you choose, please, please, please, have your child do the project. Don't do it for them. Also, ask your child what s/he wants to do.

For DD, I wanted to do something different/creative, but DD had her heart set on putting together a 100 piece puzzle and gluing it to a board, so that's what we did. She put the puzzle together herself and DH/I helped her spread the glue over the top. She was very proud of it b/c she did it herself. She wrote "100 pieces for 100 days!" on the side of her board, in her (barely) 5yo handwriting. I could have done it better, but it was HER project. DD just got her project back on Friday (their 100th day was last week) and is still SUPER proud of it.

It's not a contest of who has the best/most creative project. Having the "prettiest" project usually means the parent did it and not the child. As a Kinder teacher, I was always disappointed to see those "perfect" projects. The child usually had almost no part in doing it and definitely felt no ownership of it.

On the other hand, the messy, sloppy, and, yes, boring, projects that the child did themselves, were loved by their makers. They went on and on about all the work they did to make it, how hard it was to count correctly to 100, all the problems they had planning/making the project, etc. There was true ownership there. They were PROUD of their projects. I HIGHLY rec taking that route, even if it is more boring for you.
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