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Sorry mama, I know how tough a full term NiCU baby who won't nurse can be . My 1st was in NICU for a week & in & out of the hospital for the first month. I was pumping constantly & she would take a bottle w/my milk if really encouraged, but she was too lethargic to nurse & would just fall asleep on me. She showed no interest in nursing (but we only had allotted 20min at a time that I could hold her). Stick with it though mama. As hard as it is pumping so frequently, your efforts are not in vain!! You are doing what's best for your sweet baby!! Keep up the amazing job mama!

It took a bit longer for my milk to come in w/the stress of everything & pumping. I used a bit of lanolin in the pump cups & that helped w/comfort. I also tried to pump next to her as much as possible so my body would respond & my milk would "let down" more easily. A video or pictures also helped w/ milk "let down".

When she came home I had to work really hard to get her on the breast b/c she had gotten used to the ease of a bottle nipple. I used a nipple shield for transition. It lets the milk pool a bit at your nipple, so it's more like a bottle. I also used very tiny tubing w/a syringe of pumped milk that I taped on to my boob. When she would first latch I could squirt a little of the milk in her mouth & encourage her to suckle. Eventually we weaned her of both & she nursed well.

My best advice is get as much support and information while baby is in the hospital as you can!! The lactation consultants are amazing & are there to help you through this tough time. They can be your continued support when you go home too & can prob suggest a mommy group in your area that can be additional support.

Please don't blame yourself or any choices you made in your labor for what is happening though. You shouldn't feel guilty about choices you made. Your baby is here! You are a mama & you are doing everything with that sweet one's best interests in mind! You are doing great!!

My thoughts are w/ you & your family. I pray for a speedy recovery for your angel!!
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