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Originally Posted by jennayoung99
After reading some of your experiences with pedis and nurses trying to retract I've been thinking, why are these people even touching these boys genitals? I mean I get if there was some sort of an issues with rashes or infections, but a health baby being brought in for a check up, or being brought in for a non-genital related issue, and being man handled in such a way is mind boggling. I don't have a boy, but when my daughter was brought into the dr for a check up or even for a diaper rash no one was trying to man handle her bits, they didn't even spread her labia, let alone try and see "how far" her clitoral hood would go. This just seems like such a warped practice.
It is very warped. But, I believe it stems from a lack of education on intact male anatomy in med school. It is ingrained in society that foreskins are these nasty little creatures that suddenly turn on their owners without warning. Many doctors simply don't know to leave well enough alone. They don't understand that the foreskin will not retract most often until puberty.
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