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Re: keeping baby/kid clothes for future children?

This is something I'm starting to think about because my first will soon start outgrowing things. He still fits in his newborn clothes (at almost 6 weeks), but I know he won't for much longer so it will soon be time to pack them away or donate them.

I gravitate towards buying gender neutral, season neutral clothes when I can. Partly because I have no clue when things will fit, and partly because I want to save them for our next child. We do have some gender and season specific clothing due to gifts, and things on occasion being too cute to pass up.

We have a ton of out of the way storage space (an unfinished basement and an attic), and not a ton of money. So for us storing clothes we can use again makes sense. If we had more money or less storage space my conclusion would probably change to saving just favorites or special pieces. It's a balancing act.
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