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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by august6 View Post
Yes, me calling you idiots is the issue here. . . After you all have treated me so kindly?

So because you all haven't heard of it, it doesn't exist? Considering you don't even know what he had wrong with him? You "giggle" because you think a woman is so bored she makes up a condition that could have killed her child? That's even worse.

Not to mention, you stalk my posts on other threads in case you find a flaw in my story. You all are crazy! I will gladly be removed from here for calling you all idiots, but I can only hope the moderators see you all and how you're harassing me for simply talking on a thread, apologizing where necessary, and answering your questions enough that doesn't tell you everything about my life. Yet still having my child and myself "giggled" at.

The type of people you all are . . . Omg, such bad people.
The ladies here may have a different opinion if you would share actual condition. Alluding to "conditions" that require a child to be circumcised at so young an age isn't something most, if any, here have heard of. You have shared a lot of details without actually outright naming,or even describing, this condition none here have heard of. While I'm not saying that doesn't mean you are legit, I am saying that if you wish people to take you at your word, that most likely will not happen. Back up what you are saying with links/facts/names.

Also, it may help others considering circumcision to know who and where the doctor is that circumcised your son. Or what type of circumcision he is practicing. His circumcision method is vastly different than anything I have seen, or heard of, locally.

I'll continue to review this thread but do know that we do not allow name calling on this site. Women may not bully you either.

So far I have mostly seen people not understanding what type of condition would require circumcision and woman saying they have never heard of a painless one. You can easily inform them by sharing name of condition and name of procedure used to circumcise your son. Or link to actual facts/descriptions.
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