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Re: Getting some space (personal space)

We have a really big house, so there is always a room they can go in to be alone if they need the space. I don't know if its a space issue so much as a discipline issue. You are wanting to isolate him b/c of his rude talking. I would have probably made him come into the room I was in, and sit quietly in a corner or on a particular square of the kitchen floor, and stay there until he wanted to talk nicely. If 2 of mine are doing this, I just put them on opposite sides of whatever room I am in. I don't do a lot of time outs, and my time outs are not timed, I do them until said child seems as if theya re ready to come out and act correctly. I also do them in whatever room I am in, wherever I think is the best place at the time (no TV view, just a boring place to just sit).
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