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ETA: This DOES work as a soaker, I just wanted to state that I didn't think it was completely wool

!!!!Disclaimer!!!! I do not believe this to be 100% wool. I shaved it and used the shavings to do a burn test and while it smelled like burnt hair, the ashes were not characteristic of wool. So it is most likely a wool blend of some sort.

EUC, tie waist, rainbow of colors - the red/orange is a little more muted than it appears in the picture.
Rise - 15
Waist - 17 (unstretched/untied)
Hips - 20.5
Legs - 8
This has a lot of stretch to it! I do not know who made it or what yarn it is made from!
Asking $15ppd $12ppd $10ppd !
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