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I started composting last spring. My main objective was to not have to throw away as much, not really to put in on any type of garden. I wanted something easy, and cheap. I thought about doing the worm thing, but I did some research and it sounds like you have to keep them in a fairly small temperature range. With a 2 and 4 year old boy running around, I am absolutely not keeping them in my house. And our TN weather goes from super hot in the summer to pretty cold in the winter, so keeping them outside wouldn't work so well. I decided to just use a Rubbermaid tub we had sitting around, drilled holes in the bottom, and set it on top of some paving stones we had sitting around. I put in all my veggie scraps, egg shells, dryer lint, that sort of stuff -- and put some leaves on top. I mix it around every so often. I have been amazed how quickly stuff breaks down. During the winter it doesn't do much, since it has been frozen, but it still breaks down enough to keep up with what I am putting in.
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