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Originally Posted by umphreysmommy
I am not "concerned" about what other people do. At the end of the day I don't lose sleep over what others do with their kids. I care on a bigger level like that report that came out last year that we can save billions if most people breastfed and that our children would be much healthier. I care about changing the cultural perceptions of breastfeeding and making sure there is support for every mom who wants to breastfeed. I care about getting pumping opportunities for working moms. I care about true informed consent and parents having information before they make decisions. I care about the waste and environmental costs. I care about hospitals not sabotaging breastfeeding by separating moms and babies and advertising for formula companies. I care about women's right to nurse and baby's right to eat wherever without harassment. I care about all those things and more but no I don't care if a mom formula feeds as an individual, I am much more concerned about the mass effects it is having on society as a whole.
Pretty much this
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