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Originally Posted by CASMama711 View Post
Honestly, I'm a mom who BF all of my kids through supply issues, supplementing with both formula and donor milk. I cloth diaper, I ERF, I'm anti-circ, I delay vaccines.... and I 100% believe that a loving mom who chooses to formula feed from day 1, uses sposies, forward-faces her babes at a year, circs, and fully vaxes is making informed decisions to do what's best for her family and that makes her a good mom. I don't feel a need to put her down to make myself feel superior.

I also WOH full-time in public schools. Every day, I see kids who are abused and neglected, kids who were literally starved as infants and are now in the foster care system, kids who were exposed to drugs in utero and still live in homes where they're exposed to drugs and violence daily, kids who are never in any type of car seat and have only eaten fresh fruits when they're served in the school cafeteria, kids who have never seen a book or held a crayon before the first day of kindergarten... and I work in a good school system in one of the wealthiest counties in the US.

So, I guess I'm a bit jaded, but seriously, I cannot figure out why we care about loving parents who choose to formula feed.

From a mom who has done all the research and gave each of her los ff, decided to circ, uses sposies, and ff before 2 THANKYOU. I made decisions based on what I and dh decided were best for us.
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