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Re: I'm ready to wean

Originally Posted by corinne76 View Post
well, last night went ... well. I guess. I decided that I was going to wean him from 11-6. He nursed to sleep and he did wake up right after 11. I nursed him a little and put him down. He cried but sounded like pain and he farted LOL so I gave him gas drops, rubbed his tummy nad he went back to sleep. It lasted about 18 min total.

THe 2nd time he woke during the 7 hr frame was not so good. I nursed him a little and told him that "muck" had to be night night soon and so did he. He screamed. Like screamed and screamed. he wouldn't eve let me hold him to console him. He calmed a little and I rocked him, but he cried again. I finally got him to sleep after about 30 min but he woke again in a few min screaming again. I nursed for a few minutes and let him cry. I rubbed his tummy and he finally went back to sleep.

He woke again at 6:30 and nursed back to sleep. He woke for the day at about 8, probably about the latest he's ever woken up LOL. He nursed a lot at 8.

I do hope to fully wean him, but I don't think he's going to go easy with cold-turkey. So we will do it gradually. as long as I get sleep at night, I can handle nursing during the day.
That sounds great -- at least a step in the right direction. Glad to hear that. I don't think weaning will go nearly as easily for my DD as it did for my DS so I understand that cold turkey might not be the way for your LO. Good luck tonight!
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